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Hello there!

Thanks for checking out my site. It's a little showcase of the various things I've made/am making.

New things get added every now and then, so feel free to check back sometime.

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LDSimulator Gameplay

Ludum Dare Simulator 2019

Play 7 minigames to build the best game with limited energy and disk space. Made for Ludum Dare 42, achieved 3rd place Overall!!

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Turtle Racers Gameplay

Turtle Racers

A LAN multiplayer turtle graphics racing game built in 11 hours. Made for Ludum Dare 41, scored 3.6/5 overall!

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Jukebox-YT logo


A YouTube player WebExtension that lets you collect and group videos into dynamic playlists and play with rating-weighted shuffling!

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Ketchup Quest Gameplay

Ketchup Quest

An endless arcade sauce-em-up. Made for Ludum Dare 40, positioned 79th/1850 entries!

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VoxelEngine Test Animation

The Voxel Game (still with no name)

Explore, collect, design and build in a procedural, (nearly) infinite world.

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SimpleSpectrum Logo

SimpleSpectrum for Unity

A simple package for Unity that generates a great-looking visualiser in realtime. Free on the Asset Store, used by 3000+ developers!

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Screenshot of this website

...This Site

Fairly self-explanatory. (very very nearly) All the stuff you see before you has been hand-crafted by yours truly ;)

HangAI Title

HangAI - Hangman solver

A simple Console app that uses dictionary filters and frequency analysis to solve a hangman game.

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Rhythm Logo

Rhythm (title TBC)

A mobile rhythm game, a-la Guitar Hero & Geometry Dash. Not sure if it'll ever get finished, but it plays well!

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CMD Relay Logo

CMD Relay

An app for Windows Phone 8.1 that allows execution of commands on remote computers through custom relay service hosts.

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Minesweeper Clone

(I Can't Believe It's Not) Minesweeper

Everyone's favourite defusal game, revitalised. Featuring online co-op, save states and custom difficulties!

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Coming Soon

More coming soon~


I've been into Video Production and Editing for years, a hobby which I started to use properly in 2013 when I created my first YouTube channel.

Most of the videos I've made are gaming/commentary ones, but I like to throw in the occasional better-edited project. In total, I've had over 3.8 million views and 17 thousand subscribers :o

I also do bits and pieces of 3D animations with Blender, usually making video intros and audio visualisers.

Here's a showcase of my personal favourites:

Video: Ketchup Quest Trailer Video: Dogephone Video: CERN School Trip Video: Unity Day/Night Cycle Video: Audio Spectrum Tutorial Video: A Cubic Venture Video: LBP2 Let's Play

About Me

I'm an 18 year old computer science student from the UK, currently studying at the University of Oxford. I love making all sorts of technical and creative things with computers, such as games, software, videos, websites, logos etc... (...I'm just indecisive about my speciality)

My go-to languages are C# and Python but can work with all sorts. I've used Unity for game development since 2016 and participated in a few game jams since. I also do bits and pieces of cybersecurity, winning a CyberDiscovery UK Elite event in 2018 and enjoying CTF games like Hack The Box.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say 'hi', feel free to pester me however you see fit*!
(*within reason)

Get In Touch: [email protected][email address hidden, sry bots <3]