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BLOOM Eternal Logo

BLOOM Eternal

An arcade shooter / water-em-up made in PICO-8 - fend off demons with an arsenal of weapons & keep your precious flowers alive. Made for Ludum Dare 46 in a team, rated 3.6/5 overall.

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Ludum Dare Simulator 2019 Logo

Ludum Dare Simulator 2019

A highly-accurate* simulation of the game jam experience. Play 7 minigames to build your greatest game, with limited energy and disk space. Made for Ludum Dare 42, positioned 3rd place Overall!

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Turtle Racers Logo

Turtle Racers

A LAN-multiplayer turtle graphics racing game, built in 11 hours. Hastily issue commands to beat the course before your opponents. Made for Ludum Dare 41, rated 3.6/5 overall.

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Ketchup Quest Logo

Ketchup Quest

An endless arcade sauce-em-up: choose from multiple characters to fight alone or with a friend, to protect your saucy stash. Made for Ludum Dare 40, positioned 79th overall.

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Voxel Game Screenshot

The Voxel Game (still with no name)

A procedurally-generated 3D exploration game in Unity. Roam, collect, design and build in a pseudorandom, (nearly) infinite world.

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Minesweeper Screenshot

(I Can't Believe It's Not) Minesweeper

A totally-not-clone of everyone's favourite bomb-defusal puzzle game. Featuring save states & online co-op.(Android port coming soon)

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Projects (i.e. not games)


Stonks VR Logo

Stonks VR

A 3D stock correlation calculator & visualiser. Running Unity3D on the Oculus Quest, with real-world stock data. Source code available on my Github.

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ParliaMate Logo


A simple app to learn more about UK Parliament, bills that matter to you, and your MP. Built in 24 hours for OxfordHack 2018 (and won!)

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QuizNet Logo


A networked homework distribution system for schools. Manage students & classes, create engaging quizzes, assign to classes, then monitor results - all in one place.

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Jukebox-YT Logo


A YouTube player WebExtension that lets you collect and group videos into dynamic playlists and play with rating-weighted shuffling.

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SimpleSpectrum Demo Scene

SimpleSpectrum for Unity

A simple package for Unity that generates a great-looking audio visualiser in real-time. Free on the Asset Store and used by 3,000+ developers!

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Screenshot of an old and ugly version of this site

...This Site

Fairly self-explanatory. Everything here has been hand-crafted by yours truly, with small changes over the course of too many years.

HangAI Logo

HangAI - Hangman solver

A simple Console app that uses dictionary filters and frequency analysis to solve a hangman game.

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CMD Relay Logo

CMD Relay

A remote administration app for Windows Phone 8.1. Define your computer network, create custom commands & programs, then execute on remote computers via Relay Service hosts.

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I've been into Video Production and Editing for as long as I can remember. From 2013-2017, I maintained a gaming channel on YouTube, which gained over 4 million views and 17 thousand subscribers. I've also made a few programming tutorials, & 3D animations with Blender - usually for video intros and audio visualisers.

Here's a showcase of my personal favourites:

Video: Ketchup Quest Trailer Video: CERN School Trip Video: Ludum Dare Simuator Postmortem Video: Dogephone Video: Unity Day/Night Cycle Video: Arity Music Mashup Video: Froggy Chair

About Me

I'm a computer science student from the UK, currently studying at the University of Oxford. I love making all sorts of technical and creative things with computers, such as games, webapps, libraries, videos, music, glitch art etc. (with varying degrees of success.)

My go-to languages are JS, Python and C#, but have worked with all sorts. I've used Unity for game development since 2016 and participated in a few game jams since. Outside of games I have lots of full-stack software engineering experience, with particular interest in Security & web scripting.


If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me an email:

[email protected][bot block]